Frequently Asked Questions

What if I wont be home for delivery?

Not a problem! If you will not be home to receive your delivery in person, you can add a reusable Mylk Nut Cooler Bag to your order for your next & future Mylk Nut deliveries here. Otherwise, it is your responsibility to leave a cooler with a sufficient amount of ice and/or cold pack(s) outside, near your front door on your delivery day too keep your order fresh until you are able to refrigerate it. If you add a Mylk Nut Cooler bag to your next order, we'll deliver your order & cold pack inside, freshly chilled. Keep in mind each Mylk Nut Cooler Bag can fit up to two 32oz. bottles. 

How do I add more products to my subscription?

You first need to log into your account using your email and password. Then, click "Shop" at the top of the page and navigate to the item(s) you would like to add to your subscription. When you've reached the item page, chose the size and make sure the "Subscribe and Save" option is checked. Then, click "Add to Existing Subscription", located right below below the "Add to Cart" button. Now you're all set! 

What if there are no delivery dates to choose from at checkout?

Although we offer local delivery to all of Orange County, we only deliver to certain areas on select days. Also, we only allow our customers to select delivery dates up to 9 days in advance. If you don't see any available delivery dates for your zip code, we have reached our capacity for those days in your area. Send us an email to and we'll try to open up another slot for your order.  


What are sprouted almonds and why do you use them?

Sprouted almonds are raw almonds that have undergone a process of saturation with salt water, thus allowing the perfect conditions for growing! But, why? Well, almonds contain significant levels of phytic acid. This is a natural preservative, which acts to protect the almond until it's ready for fertilization (to grow). When phytic acid is present, nutrients end being up pulled out of your body, rather than being absorbed. This is because our bodies lack the enzymes to breakdown phytic acid. People who have difficulty consuming almonds (cramping, bloating, etc.) may simply be consuming un-sprouted almonds. Our process of sprouting our almonds neutralizes the phytic acid while significantly increasing the natural enzymes present by up to six times!¹ This way you can fully absorb and digest all the enriching nutrition our Almondmilk has to offer. 

Why do you use glass bottles?

At Mylk Nut, we want what's best for our customers and the environment. Aside from being toxin free, glass is much better for the environment. Our glass can be 100% recycled and reused, while most plastic can't. Also, plastic is made to last forever, yet 33% of all plastic bottles produced are only used once and never reused.² Here at Mylk Nut, we love our planet and aim to reduce waste as much as possible. Plus, everything tastes better out of glass bottles! 

Do you use filtered water?

Yes, we absolutely do. As a matter of fact, we use reverse osmosis filtered water because it has a much better taste than other types of filtered water. Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective water filtration methods available. With the best tasting water & best tasting almonds, you get the best tasting offerings available.   

Why are your offerings unpasteurized?

At Mylk Nut, we want to maintain the integrity of our ingredients and provide the best possible whole-food experience to our customers. This means that we do not subject our offerings to pasteurization or high pressure processing (HPP). The pasteurization process requires heating at high temperatures, which would eliminate nearly all of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes our certified organic and raw almonds have to offer in our Almondmilk.

Why is Mylk Nut more expensive than store bought brands?

There are a few reasons for this. The main reason is we create our Almondmilk what we believe to be "the right way", providing a nutrient-dense & plant based beverage that's made in small batches, especially for you from start to finish. We do this by making each bottle with nearly a half-pound of raw organic almonds. By adding over 100 almonds to every bottle, our Almondmilk is made with over 30% almonds. Most, if not all, of the almondmilk you see in stores average about 2-3% almonds.³ Why? Because almonds are expensive, and emulsifiers, additives, and preservatives are quite inexpensive. With cheaper ingredients comes a lower price. Unfortunately there is no standard in the US of what amount of almonds should be in almondmilk, but here at Mylk Nut we set the bar higher. In this case, a lot higher. We do this to keep in line with our mission of providing you with the best possible whole-food experience in our Almondmilk.

Do you add sugar to any of your offerings?

No. You won't find any refined sugar in any of our products. We use 100% certified organic, pure maple syrup as our sweetener in our offerings (aside from our Simply Raw Almondmilk, which has no sweetener). View our full list of ingredients here.

Are your products vegan?

You bet! Each and every one of our offerings is 100% plant based and vegan. We use absolutely no animal products in any stage of production, nor in our finished products. 

Why does my Almondmilk separate?

Separation of our Almondmilk is completely natural. It is just the almonds separating from the water. The truth is: all milks (plant based & animal based) will naturally separate. If you've ever seen milk that doesn't separate, it has been processed through homogenization or HPP and/or has additives to prevent or slow this separation. Just give the bottle a quick shake and you're all set! 

How should I store my Almondmilk?

Since all of Mylk Nut's offerings are raw, with no additives or preservatives, your Almondmilk must be refrigerated.

How long does it keep for?

Our Mylk Nut offerings have a 5-7 day shelf life, sometimes longer depending on how cold your refrigerator is. Mylk Nut Almondmilks are completely raw products so they can provide you with most most nutrient-dense and wholesome food experience. This means that we do not add any preservatives or additives and we do not pasteurize or subject our offerings to high pressure processing (HPP). We want to maintain the integrity of our ingredients and pass along their nutritional benefits to you, which is why it's important to us to cold press, bottle and deliver all in the same day. This way you get the most natural shelf life out of our offerings.  

Why maple syrup?

We choose to use maple syrup as our sweetener of choice because it is a natural, unprocessed, authentic product of nature. We also considered using honey, which is another delicious natural sweetener with great antioxidant properties, but unfortunately it is not truly vegan. Compared to honey, maple syrup has less overall sugar, but more importantly, less fructose.  Maple syrup is also a good source of antioxidants. Studies show that maple syrup can contain up to 24 beneficial antioxidants.

What if I misplace or damage my reusable cold pack?

No worries! If you misplace or damage your cold pack, you can always just put ice in your Mylk Nut Cooler Bag on your delivery day. Keep in mind that ice will not keep your order chilled for as long as a cold pack will. Do not reuse a damaged cold pack. If you would like to replace it, you can add one to your next delivery here and we'll delivery it freshly chilled.

What if I misplace or damage my Mylk Nut Cooler Bag?

If you misplace or damage your Mylk Nut Cooler Bag, you can use any other cooler you have in your home to receive your delivery. Keep in mind that if the cooler is larger than our Mylk Nut Cooler Bag, you may need to put extra ice or cold packs inside to maintain the freshness of your delivery until you're able to refrigerate it. You can always add more cold packs to your next delivery here, and we'll deliver them freshly chilled. We ask that you not reuse a damaged Mylk Nut Cooler Bag, since it may not be able to keep your delivery cold enough to maintain freshness. If you would like to replace your Mylk Nut Cooler Bag, you can add one to your next delivery here.



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