Our Mission


We want people to feel great about what they're eating by offering the freshest, nutrient-dense, plant rich products to provide an enchanting food experience.


Our philosophy on food is simple. You shouldn't have to be a nutritionist to understand what your eating. This is why we only source real, organic ingredients in their least processed form. Ingredients you know and can pronounce. Our Almondmilk starts with three simple ingredients: Almonds, Water, and a pinch of sea salt. Almondmilk that tastes like almonds, pure and simple.


We believe that no matter how great food is, its always better fresh. It's not too often these days that we see food at stores clearly labeled with the date it was made. Nature provides us with delicious food that is filled with all the nourishment we need, but when this food is processed, preserved and put on shelves, its nutritional value diminishes each day it sits there. We clearly label each and every bottle of our Almondmilk with the date that it was made, the same date it's dropped of at your doorstep. That's as fresh as it gets. 


While creating and providing the best Almondmilk we can, we always strive to be just as kind to our planet and our community. We package our products in recyclable glass bottles with metal caps, deliver orders in reusable coolers, and a portion of every sale will go directly to local charities.