Our Story

It started in a small kitchen in Irvine, CA

Milk alternatives are becoming more popular by the day, with millions of Americans transitioning away from traditional dairy each year. Without it, food just isn’t as exciting and enjoyable. We believe that alt-milks are or will be an essential component to every family’s fridge. This was exactly the case with Mylk Nut’s founders, Madison & Jerry.  

Madison transitioned over to a full plant-based lifestyle back in 2016 due to wanting a healthier lifestyle through clean eating. This meant saying goodbye to traditional dairy and moving over to plant-based dairy alternatives. After searching the shelves of every local grocery store, all of the alt-milks were either loaded with binders, fillers and gums, or were highly processed for a long shelf life. This led to her making her own Almondmilk at home for her and her husband Jerry, which she loved doing but was also time consuming. This sparked the idea for Mylk Nut. Save consumers the time and effort by making fresh Almondmilk available to the community. 

Quality and freshness comes first. We are craft driven purveyors, meaning we prioritize quality, sustainability, and nutrition over generating the most hype and largest bottom line. Our mission is to set the bar higher by handcrafting a better Almondmilk in small batches, using the best ingredients. This allows us to serve our customers in the best way possible, providing a nutrient-dense and enchanting food experience with every sip.