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Our Story

It started in a small kitchen in Irvine, CA

Mylk Nut is a small local company started by me; My name's Madison and i'm a plant-based & earth-loving individual living in central Orange County. At Mylk Nut, we aim to bring goodness through food and help show that wholesome, raw food in its natural form can taste delicious.
I decided to start Mylk Nut durning the summer of 2018, after constantly having to blend my own homemade almondmilk. The fact was, I just wasn't satisfied with any milk alternatives that were available. Nothing tasted as good as when I made it myself. Plus all the store bought almondmilk is loaded with additives or has been highly processed for a longer shelf life. After trying it, my husband said "this is what you need to be sharing with everyone!" Well, thats exactly what we did.
We want to set the bar higher; Our goal is to share our love for plant-rich, wholesome food and what it can do for our bodies. We believe that natural food is medicine. We truly hope you enjoy our almondmilk as much as we do making it.